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Sharing information with your partners in a supply chain brings a major lever for business performance and competitiveness.  Better product lifecycle management, quality and production chain efficiency,  joint research and innovation development, risk reduction and greater inventory management are some of the potential benefits. However, the digitalization also requires a business to face multiple challenges, such as dealing with big volume of data and unstructured data from multiple sources, data access control, information security, data sovereignty, and setting up the right infrastructure that enables real-time communication between different systems and machines that runs on different protocols. GMCM is your reliable consulting partner who can help in your journey towards Industry 4.0.

What Do We Offer

We offer Industry 4.0 solutions and consultancy services that helps to kickstart your digital transformation journey, absolutely based on your needs. Our existing products and services include:

Asset Administration System

AAS is the core of the connectivity that enables seamless asset communication between two authorized parties, regardless the platforms and locations the data to be shared.

Digital Asset Converter

DAC enables seamless machine-to-machine communication. It enables data to be channeled from machine PLC directly to your company’s on-premise system or your cloud storage.

Manufacturing Chain Broker

MCB ensures data integration across your value chain , secure data movement between the asset consumers and asset providers, and acts according to the contract agreement between 2 parties.

Enterprise Systems Builder

Frustrated with the inability or inefficient ways of how you share the asset data with your partners? EDE provides an easy way for you to enter the necessary data that you wish to store and send out anytime. 

Digital Asset Editor

Worried about how to control the asset data that you wish to share with your partners? DIP allows you to plan and decide what to share, and when to start and stop sharing. Everything is under your control!

Virtual Chain Dashboard

VCD consolidates the assets gathered from your value chain into a single platform, so that you could gain broader and near real-time insights and business intelligence immediately.

Why Choose Us


If you think that doing digital transformation or Industry 4.0 is expensive, then you are wrong! GMCM supports micro, small and medium enterprises so that you can reach the global market with competitive advantages by simply connecting your businesses to the existing value chain.  Because at GMCM, everyone of us care for you. 

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Our products are  developed based on the renowned  industrial standards 

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24x7 Support

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Our products are designed for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises