What We Do

GMCM offers Industry 4.0 solutions and consultancy services to customers of all sizes, supporting their business digitalization or digital transformation journey together. GMCM aims to help customers of all sizes to reach the global market with competitive advantages by connecting their businesses to the existing value chain. We support their digital transformation effort in strategic planning, designing, developing and assessing their Industry 4.0 implementation, absolutely based on their needs and budgets.

Digital Asset Administration System

Digital Asset Administration System (AAS) is the core of the connectivity resides in the entire Industry 4.0 value stream. It enables seamless asset communication between two authorized parties, regardless the platforms, locations, size, range, and the interval of the data to be shared. The advantages of AAS are as follows:

Manufacturing Chain Broker

Manufacturing Chain Broker (MCB) ensures data integration across your value chain , secure data movement between the asset consumers and asset providers, and acts according to the contract agreement between 2 parties. The functions of MCB are as follows:

Digital Asset Converter

Digital Asset Converter (DAC) enables seamless machine-to-machine communication. It enables data to be channeled from machine sensor devices and PLC directly to your company’s on-premise system or your cloud storage. The strengths of the DAC are as follows:

Digital Asset Editor

The Digital Asset Editor (DAE) allows you to plan and decide what to share, and when to start and stop sharing. DAE enables you to perform the following. As conclusion, we ensure that everything is under your control!


Enterprise Systems Builder

Enterprise Systems Builder (ESB) provides an easy and cost-effective way for you to enter the data that you wish to share with your business partners anytime. You may choose to store the data in the AAS, or update to your own on-premise server or cloud storage via AAS. ESB allows you to trace your asset data at any time using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Virtual Chain Dashboard

Virtual Chain Dashboard (VCD) consolidates the assets gathered from your value chain into a single platform, so that you could gain broader and near real-time insights and business intelligence immediately. Following are the functions of VCD.

Virtual Chain Dashboard (VCD)